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Our hope is that Madison Assembly will be more than a place you come to for an hour on the weekend. We hope you'll find community, find a place to serve, and make this your home.

We believe that we thrive when we are deeply rooted in CHRIST, growing in COMMUNITY with others, and working to see CHANGE in ourselves and our world.


Our goal for worship is for people to reach a deeper understanding of God.


We believe you are free to worship as you please; whether it's singing, raising hands, or through a quiet approach, you worship how you feel. 

Sunday 10AM

Wednesday 6:30PM

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We exist to help children first know that God created them intentionally for a purpose, and secondly that He loves them deeply.

Sunday 10AM

Wednesday 6:30PM

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We typically begin each service with a game and then transition into a time of worship and a brief message. We then break up into small groups led by adult leaders and discuss the message with one another and pray together. 

Wednesday 6:30PM

Doors open at 5PM

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